Student Center

Student Life

Some of the most commercial, “big name” junior colleges have made it seem like success is only possible if you’re shut in a room with your textbooks for two years. Sri Amogha completely disagrees.

These two years transitioning from a school student to a young adult entering their career can be challenging but it should also be exciting, invigorating and filled with support. Aside from creating the best possible courses, we take care to ensure Amoghans have a wonderful time here. At Sri Amogha, we’re not just teaching the theoretical and analytical skills needed to crack entrance exams, we’re teaching 21st century skills like communication, collaboration, emotional intelligence, and creativity that come from participating in diverse activities.

Here are some of the ways we achieve this:

  1. Field Trips to different factories, institutions and organisations for students to understand the applications of theoretical concepts in real life.
  2. Praana, an annual event organised by the student council celebrating arts like drama, dance, singing, music, and more.
  3. Fun Station, a mini market where students improve their business and collaboration skills by conceptualising and running stalls.
  4. Kaam-ki-baat, a periodical speaker series that features distinguished guests from diverse fields
  5. Safe Place, a helpline that offers professional help from trusted counsellors for students
  6. Placement Support for all students to plan their next steps after Intermediate. This includes counselling, college shortlisting and career guidance.
  7. Indoor Games like Table Tennis, Carrom and Chess.
  8. Strict anti-bullying policies.
  9. Appropriate course timings that prevent burn-out or demotivation