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CEC Full Form

CEC Full Form in Intermediate and Career Options

CEC is Civics, Economics and Commerce.
Know the syllabus.

Career Options are as follows –
Art & Design
Education & Teaching
Film Making
Fashion Designing
Political Sciences
Public Administrator
Fine Arts
Hospitality & Tourism Management
Hotel Management
Interior & Exterior Designer
Media, PR & Communication
International Relations
Business Management
Banking, Insurance & Finance
Event Management
Export Management
Hospital Management
Hospitality & Tourism Management
Mass Communication and Journalism

Exam tips

11 Simple Tips for the Exam Day

Exam Day Tips:
1. Wake up at least 2-3 hours before start
2. Have Breakfast
3. Carry a water bottle
4. Decide Commute
5. Calculate travel time
6. Reach 30 min before the exam
7. Check seat allotments
8. Don’t panic before going to the exam
9. Follow the instructions clearly
10. No spiritual phrases in the answer sheet
11. Avoid helping other students

Tips for IIT JEE

8 Tips For IIT JEE are Basic but Consistency makes you Win

8 Tips for IIT JEE Tips for IIT JEE mentioned here are applicable to any competitive exam. To do your best, you need to embrace your mind. So, it’s also about training your mind. Let’s understand it in detail – one by one.  1. Understand the Exam Understanding the exam means analyzing its pattern, no. …

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